Happy Daisy …

Let's laugh and have fun! Only good news allowed!

What is this about?

Many years ago (again), I was driving on my way to work, and while driving I was reading the newspaper signs and they all said the same thing…. murder here, rape there, violent crimes over that side, and it all depressed me.

It was then that I had this notion to have a newspaper which will only publish good news, fun stories and anything of a humorous nature.  Then the next thought popped up – but what if people think you are nuts and they don’t buy your paper or even read it after you have given it away free of charge?  So I didn’t do it – and yet I still believe that it is needed.

I thought I could get away from all the negativity by being on Facebook, and although I love social media, the people have now taken to posting all the sad depressing news there as well.

Now please don’t get me wrong – I know all the evil and violent stuff are out there, but I need to escape to somewhere where there will be no bad news, no hike in prices, no murders and no senseless killings, and for that reason I have changed the name of my blog to Happy Daisy (until further notice 🙂) and here I would only like to share good news, fun stories and anything of a humorous nature.

So, I am not printing the newspaper yet – maybe next time, but for now we will feature some writers – even if you have not published anything yet – we just want to share your brilliance with readers out there and in the process uplift, spread sunshine and all those good things :).

Enjoy the ride with me!