9/11 from South Africa

‘You have to come and watch this’ I hear my dad calling from the television lounge. ‘Dad, you know I only returned from my business trip yesterday and I have loads to catch up on!’ I reply. ‘Okay I understand but an aeroplane has just flown into the World Trade Centre!’
Within seconds I am standing in the television lounge next to my dad staring in disbelieve at the television screen. It is impossible, it just can’t be the truth. There is no ways for an aircraft to fly into the World Trade Centre building. This must be some trick photography, … please let it be some trick photography.
Legs shaking I decide to sit down without blinking, in the fear of missing something on the screen. The scene is played repeatedly but my brain can’t comprehend what it is witnessing. I mutter the same words over and over, ‘It can’t be. It is impossible. This is America we are talking about. Things like this don’t happen to America.’ Silently I am praying for the break in the story and some smiling presenter popping onto the screen informing us about the release of a new movie, or something. Please don’t tell me an aeroplane collided into the World Trade Centre.
It is all over. It is true. Heartache runs wild through my body, tears are rolling down my cheeks and I can’t seem to breathe. I choke on the words, terrorist attack in the USA, thousands of people have lost their lives today. Never in my life have I experienced such a sense of fear and panic. How will they get to all the trapped people, what about their families? How do they breathe in the mess hanging in the air? This has turned into the saddest day in my life.
Mayhem is plastered all over television, the newspapers are over flowing with the horror news. South Africa has come to a standstill in the hours and days after September 11. There is a hushed silence hanging in the air. What will happen next? Are we vulnerable in any way? We are now of the opinion that if it can happen to America it can happen to anyone.
It is now 10 years since September 11 and I still follow all the programmes and documentaries featuring on television and with every viewing the same emotions return. The absolute raw heartache spread across the faces of the families left behind has the tears welling up in my eyes.
God please bring peace to these hurting people. Wrap them in Your arms and hold them close. They need You God.


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