Day in the field

She tilts her head back and allows the sun to touch her skin. The clear blue sky is smiling down at her while a slight breeze dances through the long grass. The day is filled with an expectation of good things to come. In the distance she can hear the traffic going by.

Standing amongst the tall grasses and daisies she feels far removed from the life outside of this field. Her long brown hair gently touches her face as she looks down, plucks and lifts the bright yellow daisy to her nose to inhale the scent of freshly picked flowers. A short distance from where she is standing the man of her dreams is on bended knee staring intensely at the object in his hand. She catches her breath and slowly walks towards him. It seems an eternity for her to cross the short distance between them. The tall swaying grass causes her soft cardigan to get trapped if only slightly. What can it be? Is it what she has been hoping for? The anticipation is on the verge of choking her. When she finally reaches him she takes his outstretched hand and kneels down beside him on the soft paisley blanket.

He gently leans forward and tenderly kisses her on her lips. She slowly opens his fingers and there in the palm of his big loving hands she sees it. The moment has finally arrived. ‘Oh, what…’ she exclaims.

‘Oh, what is it? Why do you have that strange grin on your face? Do you not think that you should stop daydreaming and return to the task at hand? You have all the staff gathered around your desk and I am sure it is not work related. We have discussed this before.’

Standing in the entrance to our office is my manager and the expression on his face is not one brimming with excitement. Hushed words of ‘what is HE doing here’, and ‘we’ll catch up later’, can be heard as everyone hurriedly turns away and moves back to their desks. As I answer my telephone, an e-mail arrives and I automatically click to retrieve the mail. The anticipation has my colleagues on the edges of their seats and they have resorted to e-mail to get the rest of the story.

I hastily type ‘Oh, what is it? I can’t believe the time has arrived. It is absolutely breath-taking.’ And there in the palm of his hand is the most exquisite diamond-shaped cupcakes. The first of many in preparation for their new bakery! With a huge smile of achievement they pull out their laptops and immediately start working on a marketing plan for these unique cupcakes.

Within seconds of hitting the ‘send’ button, I have co-workers shouting at me and threatening to throw office supplies at me if I don’t re-write the last paragraph.

Alas, that will have to wait for another day but for now it is time for coffee.


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