Staying true to myself?

The question was asked whether I stay true to myself.  The answer … NO!  Due to this I have experienced some rather frustrating moments because I have not stayed true to myself.  In my opinion staying true to oneself means that you have to follow your dreams, your ambitions.  By staying true to oneself we should not allow anyone to throw us off track to what we set out to achieve in life.  Stay focused on what it is you would like to achieve and then GO for it!

Today I had to take my son back to the cricket academy.  It is a 90 minute drive and during these trips I get a lot of time to think, and today was no exception.  I do all the driving for the family as my husband does not drive at all.  I drive a fairly new model vehicle and my husband commented on how smooth this vehicle was handling the road and the speed.  I love my vehicle and at his comment I looked down at the logo of the vehicle displayed on the steering wheel and smiled to myself.

It has always been my dream to drive a Mercedes Benz but through the years I have allowed other influences to dictate to me what I should drive.  I have had many other models and may I hastily add that I enjoyed driving those as well but not as much as when I am driving my Merc.

The make of the vehicle is but only one aspect of what came to mind today.  I realized that I did not stay true to myself in various other aspects over the past number of years.  My thoughts starting running as far back as I can remember and with a shock I realized that I have NEVER stayed true to myself.  I have always allowed people and circumstances to drag me off course.

Never might be too strong a word as there are a few situations where I did stay true to myself.  With a pang of sadness I realized that the times I stuck to my guns were the only successful times in my life.  The times when things turned horribly wrong was when I listened to the so-called ‘experts’!

These experts were usually friends and even family.  I am by nature a creative person but over the years whenever I had a thought for a new design I would hear a family member saying ‘O no that will never work.  Forget about that!’

Now years on I see some of those designs being used and I want to kick myself!  Why did I not stay true to myself?

In all the kicking and screaming I have found the answer and would like to share it with you.  The main reason why I failed in staying true was that I was told to follow a certain direction because it ‘Will be best’ for me.  My career life did not start off with something I wanted but something that will be best for me and in this one simple sentence is hidden the truth.

I did not get to follow my dreams because at the time you could not make a living from being that creative.  My current position I am employed in gives me a lot of stimulation but I do think about how different it could have been if I followed my dreams.  It is never too late to follow your dreams but I think as I get older I get more ‘nervous’ about following that dream.

So do you have a dream and what are you doing about following that dream?  We encourage our boys to find what it is that they would like to do for the rest of their lives and then to following that dream.  For this reason I have one son at the cricket academy.  He is not there because my husband never had a cricket career.  He is there because HE wants a cricket career.

Don’t stop dreaming!  Find your passion in life and stay true to yourself.  This is now my motto going forward!

Keep it real and stay true to yourself!


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