H is for …

Without a shadow of a doubt ‘H’ must clearly be for Horatio.  Horatio Caine or better known as David Caruso.  Or is he better known as Horatio Caine?

So why did I choose to use ‘H’ for Horatio Caine and not ‘D’ for David Caruso?  Well the answer is quiet simple.  I have never met David Caruso but I meet Horatio Caine with each new episode of CSI Miami.

Picture this – the Hummer stops and Horatio slides on to the scene.  I am sure he has wheels on his heels.  (Fancy that bit of rhyming in there?)  Maybe he doesn’t slide but it is more like a glide.  I am not sure how to put into words what he does when he appears on the scene.  He materializes, he beams in, he makes his presence known.  This all sounds so lame compared to what you see on the screen.

In a smooth move he removes the always present sunglasses and slowly turns his gaze to the person standing next to him.   You know you are in for a bad experience if you cross Horatio Caine because you see it in his dark, piercing eyes.  I actually expect him to say something like ‘Go ahead, make my day’.

Some call him predictable.  Some ask does he actually act or does he only strike a pose?  In my humble opinion – it is called acting.  He walks onto the screen and demands your attention.

He seems to speak without effort, no muscles moving.  When the statement ‘as cool as a cucumber’ was coined they must have had a vision of Horatio Caine.  He has this intensity about him that forces you to stop and take notice.

Congratulations Mr Caruso for a well portrayed character.

And with that folks it is the end of the letter ‘h’!


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