Sound of Music

Some time ago I decided to make a list of the ‘Top 100 movies to own’. 

I sat myself down with laptop on my, well … lap and vigorously started typing only to get to number 10 on the list and then disaster struck…… I was blank.  What do I add to this list?  Once I finally recovered from the shock of not knowing what to add to the list, I read the collection and knew that this was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

So what if I don’t have 100 movies on the list yet.  I can build this over time.  The aim is to have movies on my list which I would like to watch over and over and over.. you get the picture.

The first movie from my list I would like to share with you is ‘Sound of Music’.  I have a few reasons why I LOVE this movie:

  • This movie was released in 1965 – the year in which I was born.  (So now you know my age!)
  • It is a musical
  • It is delightful and cheery
  • The scenery is good
  • And, well I just love it!!!

Julie Andrews has a voice that causes goosebumps to run up and down my spine.  It is a rather lenghty movie so be sure to have all the required snacks and drinks ready prior to hitting the play button.  Oh yes, and some rain will be good because you are not going anywhere once you hit that button!

Julie Andrews plays Maria who is sent to be the governess for the Von Trapp children.  This movie is great entertainment, filled with laughs, joy and of course there is some romance involved.

In short …….. watch the movie.


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