A Star Is Born

Yes I know that is one of THE oldest cliches, but what the heck. Why attempt at re-inventing the wheel. Just use what is already out there.
What am I talking about? Allow me to share!
Being in South Africa, we get to watch some of the hottest shows from America months AFTER it aired in the United States of America. (Remember to insert sad face here)!
As per usual, we only get to see America’s Got Talent – Season 6 now, and tomorrow night it is the final result show, but typical Leonie, I could not wait and therefore hopped onto the internet!
No harm in doing that, I mean I do know who made it to the Top 4.  At least I did wait until now……..not like other times when I would take a sneak peak and then find it difficult not to blurt it out to the family!!
For my South African friends, stop reading now and wait for the broadcast tomorrow night!  For the rest of the informed world (only because you get to live in America), join me in congratulating Landau Eugene Murphy Jr again. 
What a story?!
When I watched his first audition my jaw dropped.  It was a jaw dropping spectacular similar to that of Jim Carey in The Mask!!!

I could not believe my ears. What an amazing voice, all velvety and rich. Immediately my husband was of the opinion that this guy is going to go far in this competition.

Born August 11, 1974 he was earning a living washing cars until that important day when he showed up for the auditions.  Landau’s performance tonight of Frank Sinatra’s big hit ‘My Way’, was a tear jerker for me.  We sat down to supper as the show started and Landau was the first contestant.  I had tears streaming down my face and mixing with the spices on my roast chicken throughout his performance.  My husband had goosebumps.  What a phenomenal performance!

Hubby mentioned that he would be highly disappointed if Landau did not win this competition and that urged me to grab the faithful laptop and ask ‘Google’.  Fortunately Google had the correct answer!

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr
Mr. Landau Eugene Murphy Jr I applaud you on being the winner of Season 6.  Once I publish this blog, I will make my way to that famous online store starting with an ‘A’ and ending with a .com to add Landau’s album to my basket.
Well done Landau, keep your star shining bright!

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