What to say about Inception without giving away too much?

Holy guacamole!  I think that should cover it!

What a movie!  I waited for it to be aired on television because I was not sure whether I would enjoy it!  So I got ready to watch the movie by dragging a bunch of magazines to the lounge to flick through while keeping one eye on the movie!  That so did not happen!  My eyes were glued to the screen!

(And ….yes I have noticed my excessive use of the exclamation!)

‘The smallest idea can grow…’.  You can’t miss one split second of what is happening in the movie.  It is gripping to say the least!

Some things happen fast and some goooooo slooooowwwww.  I mean how long does it take for a vehicle to hit the water after driving through the barriers on the bridge??

My husband did not enjoy the movie and I know the reason why.  At the start of the movie he got up and walked over to the kitchen to do something and in doing so missed some of the crucial dialogue.  Here is a word of warning….DON’T WALK AWAY WHILE THE MOVIE IS PLAYING.  For this reason we have ‘pause’ buttons on our modern-day technology.  When you prepare to watch this movie, switch off the mobile phone, unplug all other disturbances, put the kids to bed and let the animals go do their thing.

After all this preparation sit down and enjoy a thrilling story.  Oh yes, I forgot to mention, you have to concentrate on the movie and listen to the dialogue!


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