Do The Crab Dance!

Learn to dance and not any kind of dance – but the dance of the crab!

They do it sideways so why do we only go backwards and forwards?  I have just received a blow to the stomach.  I made a huge mistake and this all because of ignorance.  I wonder how many more mistakes I am going to make before I finally learn the lesson!?

It seems that I go forward in life, make a mistake and then go 20 steps backwards.  This way I will never get ahead in life.

So maybe it is time that I learn to dance like a crab.  They take on the ocean, get tossed about and mulled – only to walk out again, sideways!  This must give you a better perspective on life??

I was sitting on the beach feeling sorry for myself when I noticed the crab running along.  I am sure they sense the waves rolling in because they disappear into a hole which was NOT there 5 seconds ago. How the heck do they do this?

It seems they walk out of the ocean for a bit of ‘ME’ time and come and hide in a hole on the beach.  You only see their little eyes peering at you from under the sand and as soon as they ‘sense’ the waves, they duck into the hole.  If they really CAN sense the waves – I have no clue, all I know is that this was fascinating stuff!

I found this photo of this yellow crab on Google because every time I whipped out my camera, the little monster disappeared into the hole and as true as rain, the next wave would roll in.  I was so fascinated by the little crabs, that I completely forgot about my problems.  An hour or so later, I realised that I must have looked rather ridiculous because I was sitting on the beach with my cellphone aimed at a hole in the sand waiting for mister crab to appear.

I had fun, what can I say – and I also learned a valuable lesson.  When the waves come, roll into the hole, put your head down, and wait for the storm to pass.  Then come out, walk sideways and resolve your issues.  So the crabs helped me today, I came up with a solution while I was sitting there.  It might not work for anyone else, but it sure worked for me today.

Thanks to the crab family!


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