Scarlet Feather – Maeve Binchy

For one, I am totally shocked to notice the last time I read and posted on a book!  I can’t believe it has been such a long time. This has now only brought to remembrance the hectic year I had so far. But enough about that …..

Within minutes from turning the first page to this book, you meet a star-studded cast, from Tom Feather to Cathy Scarlet, from Neil and Marcella, to Maud and Simon!

I found it particularly interesting that the chapters of this book was done in a month format. Chapter 1 is January, chapter 2 is February and so on. So why do I find it interesting?? I am doing research on a book I would like to write and I had this brilliant idea to write each chapter in a different month – well Maeve Binchy beat me to it…… oh well, but I am falling off the track here.

It took me a week to read this book from cover to cover. I just could not get going on this particular book. I have read a few of Ms. Binchy’s books but for some reason I just could not get my teeth into this one. Maybe my teeth are going blunt??

Yes I did say that there were a star-studded cast but whoever did the proofreading did not do this book justice. I had to re-read some sentences as there were some mistakes in there. I am not talking about grammar but just additional words which pop up in the sentence and you can see that it does not belong there. I have noticed that words were repeated in a sentence, so clearly proofreading issues.

Unfortunately because of this I battled in reading the book. I started skipping bits only to realise that I have missed something and I had to go back a paragraph or two.

So putting that aside, it was a nice story. The way life turned out for the twins, Maud and Simon was pleasing. The book did not have the normal, ‘and they lived happily ever after’ ending, but there are no surprises in there either.

All in all it was a peaceful read and I really suggest you read the book for yourself and decide. As I mentioned earlier in this post, it has been a rather hectic and at times not a pleasing year, so maybe this has clouded my judgement of this book, so once again I urge you to get your own copy of this book and share your thoughts with me.



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