Lilac’s Book – Bill Orton

Some years ago there was a song – of which the name escapes me now, however you could hear the music playing and instead of singing, the lyrics were narrated. This piece offered advice and the song ended with the phrase ‘and remember always wear sunscreen’. So for the entire time that I was reading Lilac’s book, I had this song playing in my head as it had the same kind of ‘feel’.

This is an informative book filled with random issues and advice. Random because the author goes from Hope, work, to tomatoes.

I can just picture Lilac always having this book close by, on a coffee table or a bookshelf, ready to refer to it. A few scenarios were playing in my head as I was reading this book and I have therefore decided to buy a copy of this book for each of my boys.

The book is filled with information on interesting viewpoints and should not be read in one sitting – from cover to cover. This is an ideal book to ponder on, to discuss and even to debate. I made the mistake of reading it in one sitting and suffered a bit from information overload. I have in fact had to go back to the book and read sections of it again. In my opinion it is purely because of the random thoughts which have been penned, or maybe the music was too loud in my head. As there is no storyline, it can become difficult to follow the book.

One of my favorite topics is the one on ‘Books’, and I quote “Books allow you to travel the world, explore the mysteries of science, discover ancient wonders and experience the full range of human emotions. Reading nourishes a love of words and the growth of your intellect. Read everything you can to discover your tastes. Improve the selection of books on the market by writing your own.” Sound advice….So if you do not like the books, write your own. If you do not like something in life and you know of a way to do things better – then go and do it. Not only was this book informative but I can also hang the tag ‘inspirational’ on it.

As this book has been available on the web since January 1997, I expected it to be a boring book with some random facts in it, but I was proven wrong. The issues of concern at the time of writing this book, are still relevant in 2015.

This book might not make the top 10 of MUST read books, but it should be on your list of ‘have to reads’, whether young or old. It will not give you all the answers you might be looking for but it will give you something to think about. This is a great reference guide.

I give this book 3 out of 4 stars.




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