Virtue & Valor – Collette Cameron

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

From the onset I knew that I was going to enjoy this book. I was hooked at the words ‘dowager countess’. Yes I love Downton Abbey and when I read the words dowager countess, my interest was immediately grabbed a hold of.

The story is set in the early 1800’s and trouble is brewing between the clans. We travel with Yancy and Harcourt from London to Craiglocky to meet the McTavish clan and most importantly our lovely heroine, Isobel.

Ms. Cameron has a wonderful way with words, and I found myself smiling at things such as ‘If he had sisters as lovely as the Ferguson misses, he would hire an army to ward off the fawning bucks, irredeemable rakes, and lecherous rogues dangling about’.

It is a lovely take on misunderstandings, treachery and romance and don’t forget suspense. I caught myself holding my breath in an attempt to hurry on the heroic team.

This kind of storyline has been done before (handsome hero, stunning heroine and daring escapes) BUT I must hasten to add that it was most enjoyable to read the accounts in this book and I will therefore recommend it.





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