Trouble in Vegas – Patrice Wilton

I received this book from the author for an honest review.

Like the front cover of the book says, if you are looking for trouble, Vegas is the place to be – but it is not all to blame on Vegas. When Cupid is thrown into the mix there is no telling what can happen.

An all-girl weekend to celebrate the upcoming wedding and to catch up on much needed friend time, turns into a chaotic weekend which threatens to turn our bride-to-be’s life into utter turmoil.

Nikki (the bride-to-be), is a teacher and has lived her entire life as a model citizen, until Vegas and Cupid collide. Our beautiful bride-to-be meets a handsome stranger and our bride-to-be can’t believe her own actions, and …Oh what a night!!

Our handsome stranger, Josh, is not the marrying kind – but then he has never met Cupid.

Unfortunately the plot was somewhat predictable, no twists, no turns, just an easy sailing read.

Because of this I found Trouble in Vegas a very easy and quick read and finished the book in a few hours.

So if you are looking for a fun, sexy romantic story, then give this book a go! You will not be disappointed.


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