Yeager’s Law – Scott Bell

I just could not stop reading and at the same time I did not want the book to end!  The way the story unfolded speaks of a well-planned book which had me riveted to the end.   The suspense had me on the edge of the chair, hanging on to the Kindle for dear life and shouting out loud when the battery bleated at me indicating it is time to charge the Kindle!!

Abel Yeager, battling to survive and on the brink of financial ruin, has to fight and protect people (which he only met a few days before), for something he has done and paid the price for already.

Charlie Buchanan a willing stranger, finds herself amidst Yeager’s unfolding drama and in his hour of need, she steps forward and saves the day.

Steven Buchanan, the cheating ex-husband of Charlie Buchanan, using unsuspecting people to invest in his failed research project, while planning to skip the town.
These are only a few of the characters you will get to meet in this book and some are pretty colourful!

I loved the style of writing.  Although filled with suspense it almost comes across as a casual, matter-of-fact read.  This book has a good blend of twists, turns, action and humour.

A wonderfully put-together book and my congratulations to the author.

If you love suspense with a healthy dose of twists you will enjoy this book.


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